We strive to provide State agencies with fiscal leadership and partnership in information technology initiatives. Promoting excellent customer service, efficiency and effectiveness as a trusted advisor.

The Finance tower’s mission is to provide timely, accurate, clear and complete information and support to our internal and external stakeholders. The Division of Information Technology, Mailroom, and Telecommunications operate as three (3) separate and distinct internal service funds under the control of the Department of Administration. The internal service funds are governed by the Finance tower.

Focus Areas

  • Development of Operating and Capital Budget
  • Management of DoIT Financials
  • Management of IT Project Spend
  • Internal Service Fund Rate Development Partnered with Agency Charge Back


With the establishment of the Information Technology internal service fund in fiscal year 2018, it has allowed a collaborative partnership with the state organizations that we support to develop a transparent budget and operating cost recovery.

The future for the Finance tower is bright and will evolve to:

  • Optimize service to our stakeholders
  • Provide additional transparency in billing
  • Incorporate input into budget and rate development from the needs of the state organizations that we support along with proactively planning for upgrades.