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DoIT has worked with the Division of Purchasing to make the process of hiring supplemental Information Technology services affordable and easier for state agencies. A master price agreement (MPA 230) was awarded which pre-qualifies technology vendors for many  different IT roles at 3 different levels of expertise. The list of vendors and prices will be in effect until 11-30-16.

Agencies wishing to purchase supplemental information technology services should find it easier to purchase services from this MPA than to utilize the standard request for proposal (RFP) process. DoIT will assist the agencies by helping to develop a scope of work. Under the new contract, all hourly pricing for each role is at a fixed price.

Fixed-priced projects are allowed but the maximum allowable project dollar amount is $100,000.  A mini bid will be issued by the MPA administrator.  To utilize the MPA 230 please contact Debbie St. Hilaire at 462-4748 or debbie.sthilaire@doit.ri.gov.

Below please find the “Request for MPA 230 Staff form”, “Request to fill MPA 230 staff form”, MPA 230 Roles and the “MPA 230 Process”.  To understand how to get started please read the MPA 230 Process document first.  Every role(Programmer,DBA) available through the MPA 230 process can be found in the MPA 230 Roles document.

MPA 230 Process
MPA 230 Roles
Request For MPA 230 Staff Form
Request to Fill MPA 230 Staff Form
RP6a Form

New! The 2014-2016 RFP for the MPA 230 is now posted on the Division of Purchasing website. 
Go to  http://www.purchasing.ri.gov/bidding/BidSearch.aspx and search by MPA-230 keyword to see the new RFP and addendums.

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