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Project Review Committee (PRC)

All IT projects, regardless of dollar amount, are required to be vetted and approved by the IT Project Review Committee before commencing.

The Project review committee has standard forms that can be obtained from your Agency IT Manager. These forms need to be completed and submitted to the Project Review Committee allowing for adequate time for review.

The PRC will ensure that the project being approved has the proper IT staff assigned to it, is using standard IT components, will be supported/managed properly, that other projects are not addressing the same business need as the project being reviewed, and whether other Departments may benefit from the project being reviewed.


  • Ensure that projects are aligned with the business needs of the agency
  • Ensure the overall management of the State's IT resources, personnel and security requirements are standardized throughout the enterprise
  • Utilize this process to leverage projects across agencies whenever it is reasonable and practical
  • Cost—including source of funding
  • Ongoing maintenance cost and resource support
  • Potential of support/resources from other agencies (e.g., enterprise licenses)


  Chief Digital Officer
Chris Antonellis Chief Information Officer
Thomas O'Donnell Director of Operations
Phil Silva Assistant Director, IT
Michael Lombardi Assistant Director of IT Operations
Alan Dias Assistant Director, IT
Linda Nelson Assistant Director, IT
Tony Lupinacci Chief Technology Officer
Kurt Huhn Chief Information Security Officer
Frank Pate Enterprise Project Manager


The PRC meets every other Tuesday to review new or pending project requests.

The process begins by an Agency Information Manager (AIM) submitting a Project Request Form (e-mail Frank Pate frank.pate@doit.ri.gov for the latest version) that gets added to the agenda of the next scheduled meeting.

In order for the State to maximize resources, it is important that the Project Request form is sent at least 7 calendar days (the Tuesday before the PRC meets with the agency). Ideally, the form is submitted as soon as an IT solution is considered for a business need.

On the day that the project is presented to the PRC a decision will be made of either one of the following:

  • 'Approved' - Additional information may needed such as writing a purchasing procurement being an RFI (Request for Information), RFP (Request for Proposal), Mini-Bid etc. in order to support the project.
  • 'Pending' - Further information as discussed during the presentation of the project needs to be submitted to Frank Pate so that it can be reviewed by the PRC prior to making a decision.
  • 'Rejected' – The project can’t continue any further or it needs to be completely revised and then resubmitted in the future.


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