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Enterprise Mail Services

Enterprise Mail Facilities


The Enterprise Mail Facilities consists of two locations and are all managed by Thomas O'Donnell:

Enterprise Messaging Center

Department of Administration
One Capitol Hill
Providence, RI 02908
Ground Floor - (401) 222-3819
Supervisor: John Harden

Enterprise Mail Facility

RI State Computer Center
(401) 462-4715
Supervisor: Roxanne Oliver


USPS - New Rates and Fees

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Board of Governors of the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) approved an increase in the price of a First-Class Stamp to 42 cents, approved Shape-Based pricing for International Mail and set May 12, 2008 as the date for implementation of these changes. The Postal Service initiated this proceeding in the Postal Act of 2006.


Enterprise Messaging Center

The couriers employed by the Enterprise Messaging Center travel to various State Agencies located throughout the State to pickup and deliver interdepartmental correspondence and also pickup outgoing U.S. Mail for processing. One Capitol Hill and the State House have at least two pickups and deliveries daily. The Enterprise Messaging Center also handles calls for non-scheduled pickups and deliveries on a case-by-case basis. Approximately 4,000 mail items are processed by the Enterprise Messaging Center daily, including the incoming USPS mail for One Capitol Hill.

Four driver routes, one walking route, sorting and delivering incoming mail and metering outgoing mail are handled by the messenger center. Some outgoing U.S. Mail that is not eligible for a rate reduction is processed at One Capitol Hill; all other outgoing U.S. Mail is delivered by courier to the Enterprise Mail Facility in Johnston. Because of the time-sensitive nature of most of the mail that is processed by these facilities, processing speed is essential.

The Enterprise Messaging Center has a mailing machine and a computer tracking system used for incoming and outgoing certified mail, bar-coded mail and packages, etc. This tracking system has proven to be an invaluable tool to protect the integrity of incoming and outgoing “special delivery” mail.

Enterprise Mail Facility

All outgoing U.S. Mail received from the Enterprise Messaging Center, the Computer Center, various State Departments, Agencies and Colleges is processed by the Enterprise Mail Facility. Some of the largest customers include: the Department of Human Services, the Department of Labor of Training, the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Division of Taxation, Child Support Enforcement, all the State Colleges, the Treasury Department, the Health Department and the many offices in the State House and One Capitol Hill.

At the Enterprise Mail Facility we are also responsible for proper mail piece design to increase the postal savings to the State. We work with the many Agencies/Departments that we service to change the design of their envelopes. In addition to simply metering mail sent to us from various Departments, we insert, fold, tab, address standardize and inkjet address many individual jobs. We have three high-speed inserters and six high-speed mail processing machines that are capable of metering varying weights of mail on the fly, a necessity for the various types, classes, weights and sizes of mail that we process.

We employ a Business Manager Accounting System that is connected to each of the machines located in this facility, as well as the mail machines at One Capitol Hill, The Department of Human Services and RI College. The Business Manager facilitates the monthly accounting for the correct cost allocation to the various Departments, Agencies serviced. The Business Manager tracks approximately 5,000 accounts.

We maintain prepaid postage accounts with the USPS for permit, express, and postage due mail. We also have a few pilot projects with cities and towns underway to enable them to save money. We presently process the City of Cumberland’s quarterly water bills and we serve as a conduit for the City of Cranston’s mail so they can take advantage of our exceptional contract with our barcode vendor. We also process the mail for The Johnston and North Providence School Departments as well as the Town of Lincoln and Manville and Albion Fire Departments.

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